Friday, January 27, 2006

Religion and fraud

According to surveys, most of the people in the world say that religion is very important in their lives. Many would say that without it, their lives would be meaningless. It's tempting just to take them at their word, to declare that nothing more is to be said — and to tiptoe away. Who would want to interfere with whatever it is that gives their lives meaning? But if we do that, we willfully ignore some serious questions. Can just any religion give lives meaning, in a way that we should honor and respect? What about people who fall into the clutches of cult leaders, or who are duped into giving their life savings to religious con artists? Do their lives still have meaning, even though their particular "religion" is a fraud?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Is It a Lie?

My friend was talking on the phone and bragging about how truthfl she was with everybody and never told anyone any lies. I was there at her house. When she hung up we continued her subject of honesty. The phone rang again and this time her eight-year-old daughter answered the phone, her neighbor was on the other side, that was what her daughter informed her. My friend gestured to her daughter to tell the neighbor that she was not home. That was what her daughter did! I was shocked, it wasn't a minute ago she was talking about honesty and truthfulness!!! I could not bear it and let her know that what she did was pure dishonesty especially toward her daghter. She denied it and actually got insulted!!! On the way going home I was thinking how I can trust her any more. Do you think she is trust worthy?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sex on First Date

Is it Ok to have sex on your first date?

Monday, January 16, 2006

Whose choice?

Today, my causin and I with our daughters were walking along the beach when or daughters found 4 singles. They were happy and jumping up and down. With a serious look I told them either put the money back, or give it to nearest store. That they did, but guess what? The store lady came out and after apreciating our daughters, and that the money was not hers, she told us that the money is their reward for being very honest!!! My jaws fell. Was it her place to let them have the money?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Who Should Pay?

The other day I was in an office to get some documents translated. A few hours later, the secretary called to see if I had inadvertantly picked up an ID card of another customer, left on the desk. Yeah, I had and I got a cab to deliver the ID card to the office. Again I got a call and this time the secretary was complaining that why I hadn't paid the cab fare. I felt it was their fault to keep their desk in a mess and I had slipped the ID card into my briefcase by chance. Who should pay?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Unfaithful, really?

You are in a trouble marriage! Having told your spouse over and over about the problem but s/he seems to be ignorant or not doing anything. After a long time you decide to throw the last straw, and tell her/him that it is gonna be over. Suddenly after a magic week you see the change is happening and your spouse has bcome more understanding of the problem and wants to change. However, you are cold, practically you are the problem now! That nothing matters any more. Meanwhile, there is another person who is getting closer to you and s/he is the one you were looking all your life and s/he has proven so. What should you do? Is it an affair? should you be called unfaithful?


Your husband comes home late every night. Although he knows that you get the dinner ready, and put the kids to bed and want to make a romantic night, he still comes late and brings various reasons why he does what he does. when is the time that you quit to be the dutiful wife, knowing that there has been no romance in your married life for over a year?

Scarfaced lover

Suppose your boyfriend/girlfriend is horribly burned in a car accident that was totally your fault. They are badly mutilated and *pissed off*. Is it time to say goodbye?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Honesty or Blutness?

your friend(a girl) is going shopping with you, putting on a dress that looks teribble on her. But you see in her eyes how she loves it, twirling and turning around she is admiring herself. Will you tell her your true opinion? We hypothesize you do (especially our male viewrs) how do you say it to her?

Boat Ethics

Terror had assumed the throne of reason, and passion had become judgment." After the ship William Brown sank on a voyage from England to America in 1841, its longboat with 41 passengers and crew aboard leaked badly and began sinking. To stay afloat, the first mate ordered sailors to throw men and women overboard: those remaining were saved and eventually rescued. One sailor who followed orders, Alexander Holmes, was convicted of manslaughter after he returned to Philadelphia in 1842. This true story inspired a famous fictional case, many legal opinions, two movies, and a recent book. What would you have done in the same life-or-death situation?